09 March 2024
TEH LIP KIM | FIABCI Malaysia Property Woman 2023

Ms Teh Lip Kim joined Selangor Dredging Berhad (SDB) in 1996, before assuming the role of Group Managing Director two years later. SDB’s traditional business was in tin mining. During those mining years, SDB was the first Malaysian company to own and operate the world’s largest tin dredge.
In 2001, Ms Teh was entrusted with the responsibilities of overseeing SDB’s operations, and single-handedly transformed the company’s business from its previous tin mining operations to property development.

Anchored in an innovative mindset within the property development industry, Ms Teh’s leadership, characterised by a commitment to creative solutions and forward-thinking, has subtly yet significantly advanced SDB to make a discernible impact on the wider property landscape – so much so that the company is recognised as one of the leading ‘boutique’ developers within Malaysia and Singapore.
SDB’s Brand Promise of ‘Driving Excellence, Building Lifelong Relationships’ is at the core of its operations, guiding the Group to consistently deliver innovative products that meet the highest standards.
This commitment extends beyond mere construction and establishes new benchmarks for quality and sustainability within the industry. SDB’s dedication is two-fold: Enhancing the living experiences of purchasers and setting a precedent for environmental stewardship and community engagement.

The Group is fully committed to introducing innovative solutions and sustainable practices that not only meet but exceed expectations.

SDB’s approach emphasises community enrichment and customer satisfaction, ensuring that every initiative undertaken contributes positively to both immediate stakeholders and the broader community.

Through this integrated strategy, SDB aims to redefine excellence in property development, fostering a legacy of innovation and responsible growth.
SDB’s maiden property development in 2004 saw the launch of a pioneering ‘Bungalow in the Sky’ called Park Seven. Situated within the Kuala Lumpur City Centre, Park Seven became Malaysia’s first earthquake-resistant residential building.

When designing the building, Ms Teh imagined it to be located in the city of Jakarta, which is a potential seismic-active zone. With that in mind, Park Seven was designed to withstand the horizontal force of a seismic event through innovative knee-joint technology. Park Seven was also the first building to use fair-faced concrete façade and columnless flat-slab ceiling.

To date, SDB has 24 residential developments in both Malaysia and Singapore.
As a property developer, Ms Teh aims to create a lasting impact that transcends beyond mere bricks and mortar. By championing innovation, collaboration, and social responsibility, she seeks to redefine the benchmarks of excellence in property development, crafting spaces that not only inspire but also empower individuals to lead fulfilling lives. She also envisions fostering an inclusive and sustainable society where individuals can thrive and flourish.
Under the leadership of Ms Teh, SDB’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) platform is centred on supporting and employing people from the special needs community. Since 2011, SDB has embarked on various CSR initiatives to create more awareness among the public on the challenges that are faced by the special needs community. This is Ms Teh’s commitment to drive diversity and inclusivity.

Through her work, Ms Teh endeavours to leave a legacy of positive change, doing her part in creating a world that is more vibrant, resilient, and inclusive for generations to come.
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