27 December 2023
SDB Fosters A Collaborative, Empowering And Healthy Work Environment Through Effective Employee Engagement Programmes

As we reflect on 2023, it becomes evident that the latter half of the year has been marked by many commendable milestones. Within Selangor Dredging Berhad’s (SDB) human capital context, our steadfast commitment to cultivate a thriving organisational workplace stands out as a priority. Notably, the focus was the comprehensive development of our people through various training and support initiatives.

Emphasising collaboration, people empowerment, employee engagement and effective leadership, we aim to foster a conducive work environment for all of our employees, one which can provide a sense of purpose and fulfilment.

SDB’s Team Alignment Programme, which was held in August and September 2023 was designed to strengthen the cohesion within the various departments and business units. As the name itself suggests, the programme is a proactive approach to building a high-performing culture through alignment and by working towards common goals and objectives.

Throughout all the sessions, participants shared plans, strategies, and ideas to navigate through various games and activities. This was followed by group reflections and discussions. Apart from all the fun, these exercises provided an informal platform and served as catalysts for meaningful interactions and mutual learning that transcends the confines of office space. More importantly, it addresses both interpersonal and professional aspects of teamwork, while instilling valuable lessons that resonate beyond the office environment.
SDB’s Team Alignment Workshop.
“At SDB, we want our people to feel excited and engaged at work, hence it is essential for everyone to embrace a culture of cooperation where achievements are the result of collective efforts that resonate with our core values. With that, we can ensure that each department complements the others” said Teh Lip Kim, Managing Director of SDB.

Recognising the need for work-life balance, a short retreat was organised to allow our employees to let off steam while at the same time boosting their morale. But it is also more than just fun during our most recent SDB Energising Day held in October 2023. Amidst the adrenaline rush and competitive spirits, the SDB team came together to recharge, bond and refuel their energy to prepare for new challenges ahead.
A team retreat designed to harmonise the mind, body, and spirit through a carefully curated blend of engaging group activities.
In observance of World Mental Health Day in October 2023, we also conducted a noteworthy Mental Health Talk @ Workplace, underscoring the importance of mental well-being at work. Delivered by seasoned professional coaches, the session provided valuable insights into understanding mental health, recognising associated signs and symptoms, and implementing effective stress management strategies.

During the talk, attendees were also equipped with various self-care techniques that are tailored for to corporate routine. As a boutique property developer who emphasises a lot on people’s well-being, we believe that mental health is a pivotal component of health, as the presenter underscored the significance of cultivating effective strategies for identifying and managing mental health, thus helping participants to thrive both personally and professionally. This initiative strongly reflects our commitment to support a health-conscious work environment.

Last but not least, we also conducted a Leadership Training Session that is centred on meditation, to cultivate leadership skills, especially for SDB employees who are in leadership positions.

The first SDB Meditation Programme was initiated in December 2022. Then, it was aimed at promoting mindfulness and self-love among SDB employees. Guided by an experienced meditation coach, this one-of-a-kind programme uses meditation technique to train participants to be more present and obtain greater mind awareness.
Nurturing future empathetic leaders with heightened self-awareness.
As a continuation to that, SDB employees, especially those who are in leadership positions (from mid-level to senior-level managers) are further taught to cultivate more self-love and greater clarity of mind and instil their learning to their leadership style. The purpose of the programme is to produce leaders who are resilient, empathetic, and adept at guiding their teams towards success - both in their professional and personal capacities.

Looking back on the initiatives undertaken in 2023, we have endeavoured to equip our workforce with the knowledge, insights and tools necessary for both personal and professional growth – but more can be done.

Our long-term aspiration extends beyond just skills enhancement; Echoing our Core Values – ‘Caring & Respectful’, we want to create a work environment and culture that will instil a sense of purpose in all of SDB’s employees’ hearts, and help them to achieve fulfilment.
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