16 September 2022
Embodying The Spirit Of Malaysia

Part of this article first appeared in City & Country, The Edge Malaysia Weekly on 12 September 2022 – 18 September 2022.

Malaysia has made great strides since the Federation of Malaysia was established on Sept 16, 1963, with advancements in all segments, especially real estate. The local real estate market is heavily influenced by the country’s cultures, diversity and multiethnic backgrounds, traditions and spectacular food.

The Edge Malaysia asked our Managing Director Ms Teh Lip Kim what makes SDB uniquely Malaysian, what being Malaysian means to her, and her hopes for the country.

What makes your company uniquely Malaysian?
Selangor Dredging Berhad (SDB) was the first Malaysian company to construct and operate the world’s largest tin dredge during the tin mining days decades ago. We even have a village named after us, Kampung Selangor Dredging, which was contributed by the company for the benefit of former tin mining workers and their families.

Fast forward to the present day and we have carved out a name as a leading boutique property developer with numerous successful projects in Malaysia and across the Causeway in Singapore. By utilising innovative design features that emphasise space, natural lighting and ventilation, our homes are built to complement the Equatorial climate and meet our purchasers’ needs and comfort. Purchasers are assured as SDB has become synonymous with our tagline of ‘Driving Excellence, Building Lifelong Relationships’.
What does being a Malaysian mean to you?
We have the privilege to live in a peaceful country and there are a lot of things to be grateful for. We emphasise on building spaces that promote communal living, and our cultural diversity gives us the unique opportunity to embrace and learn from one another. Being Malaysian also means doing our part for nation-building and the less fortunate members of society. At SDB, we have a very active CSR programme to help this community, including special needs people whom we have provided gainful employment for.
What are your hopes for the future of our country?
The younger generation needs to be empowered, for they are the ones who will be the leaders of tomorrow. As a property developer, I want to help them to realise their dreams of owning their first homes. Likewise, as many other Malaysians are also struggling to own their first home, I hope that there will be a more supportive ecosystem with the right policies and incentives to help first-time homebuyers.

Also, I hope for society to be more accepting and inclusive to everyone regardless of a person’s social status or background. As we strive to become a developed nation, we must develop a first-world infrastructure as well as mindset by empowering and rewarding people based on their efforts and achievements.
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