The Company is committed to the highest standards of corporate governance and respects the rights of our shareholders. As a shareholder of the Company, you have the right to:
  1. Request for and convene general meetings pursuant to Section 144 of the Companies Act,1965 (not less than 10% paid-up capital);
  2. Attend or appoint a proxy to participate at all general meetings;
  3. Vote and to demand for a poll voting on any resolution at general meetings* ;
  4. Receive a copy of the audited financial statements; and
  5. Access to information such as :
    1. The Register of Directors, Managers and Secretaries
    2. The Register of Substantial Shareholders
    3. The Register of Depositors (30 Top Shareholders)
    4. Minutes of General Meetings
* Article 64 of the Company’s Articles of Association states that at any general meeting, a resolution put to the vote of the meeting shall be decided on a show of hands, unless before or on the declaration of the result of the show of hands, a poll is demanded:-

  1. by the Chairman; or
  2. by at least 2 members present in person or by proxy; or
  3. by any member or members present in person or by proxy and representing not less than one-tenth of the total voting rights of all the members having the right to vote at the meeting; or
  4. by any member or members holding shares in the Company conferring a right to attend and vote at the meeting, being shares on which an aggregate sum has been paid-up equal to not less than one-tenth of the total sum paid-up on all the shares conferring that right.

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