Welcome 2018!

As the New Year resumes, we set new goals and dreams. Here’s a list of things you can start slowly, as you begin a new chapter, routine or hobby in 2018.

It’s nice to start fresh, and what better way than to clear your closet. Start by removing what you don’t require. Have an exchange with good friends or donate it to those who are less fortunate. For the clothes you are going to keep - arrange them according to their use, colour and wearability.
Many of us do not realise this, but we spend many hours in the office, at times more than our own home. Thus, take time to clear your work space. It is pleasant to have a space to clear your thoughts, with no clutter so that you have an organized work space, which also means increased productivity!
As we need to start paying for our taxes, it is good to organize all our bills, receipts and statements in order. This will also come in handy when we need it, so place it in an accessible place.
Clean out your email! Important e-mails from2017 can be archived, so you can start the year with new e-mails, and clearer thoughts in 2018!
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