The Gift Guide

As the end of the year approaches, many of us give Christmas and thank you gifts to our families, colleagues and friends to thank them for a wonderful year. Here’s a guide of some heartfelt gifts we could give or make.

1. BAKE 
Baking a cake or cookies – shows that you care and it’s heartwarming to bake something for the one you love. Try to include some of their favourite items. E.g. chocolate chips, dried fruits etc and wrap it well so it looks like a well packaged gift.
Buy coloured pens and recycled paper – that comes in many festive designs. It could be your colleague or your boss, but writing a simple note to thank them means a lot.
You could engrave copper mugs with motivational words, or if you like sewing – a quilt would make a lovely gift for your aunt or mum.
4. DO 
Many of us take little things for granted – visiting the orphanage during the holidays could bring them joy or making something for the old folks would certainly make them smile.
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