A good picture is carefully constructed – and in the end, tells a beautiful story strong enough for all your family and friends to admire. If you’re selling something it just may make the difference for someone to buy your item for sale. Here are some tips to get the best picture possible!

Think of the object beforehand. Its shape, height, size and what is unique about. Then position the camera accordingly. Here’s a tip: it is not necessary to always focus on the main object. The icing on the cake or the flowers adorning the item could also be the main focus!
Surroundings are very important and could make the picture meaningful. If you are planning to take a picture of a vegetarian dish, for example, perhaps surround it with fresh vegetables or potted herbs.
Natural light is best – however you may get shadows too. Use white and black cards as a background and play around with them. The white card brightens up the area while the black card showcases more contrast to the picture.
Pick a colour and create a portfolio amongst the same kind of colours. If you choose blue – take pictures of similar colour tones like water or the sky. You can also use similar coloured filters to enhance your picture.
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