Outdoor Garden

An outdoor garden is a lovely way to separate the indoor and the outdoor – a place where you can relax, spent time gardening or doing activities with the kids. There are many forms of gardens – from a Japanese garden, Mediterranean garden, English Cottage gardens or Tropical gardens. You could go with a theme, or pick elements that you like from each one. Below are some of the things you could do to make your outdoor garden an outstanding one.

Picket fences can always be seen in English gardens or cottages. They give a sub-urban touch to the entire courtyard and you could pick creepers or wild roses to grow along – they add a touch of colour and variety to the white picket fence
Every Japanese garden would have a bonsai plant. It usually comes with a stone lantern, water feature and rock formations. Bonsais can be tricky to grow, so buy a few small ones from the nursery and prune to them frequently until you get the desired shape that you want.
Water features can vary from a small fountain or a pond. It brings the garden to life by the soothing sounds of the water trickling to riffling of the koi’s swimming about. Add other elements like lotus flowers and small fishes.
Keep a small part of the garden to grow your vegetables or herbs. You can use them in your cooking and it will also keep the ecological system of your garden well with continuous growth and microorganisms.
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