Transforming Philosophy into Corporate Success
If every single person in the world had the same objectives, values and ideas we would suffer from a distinct lack of creativities. There would be myopia. Yet if we were too diverse, it would be an even greater disaster.
Corporates have brand promise and core values that help them to understand their own DNA. However, what they really stand for and the processes of their business are what customers will see.
Many companies have problems making people act according to its values. When the values are all about “the company” it becomes increasingly difficult to present a united front to the customer. So how about making those values about the customer instead?
Selangor Dredging Berhad’s 4Es
Environment, Economics, Emotion and Engagement: Selangor Dredging Berhad (SDB) has always held to heart its 4Es when planning for any of its development. These four principles guide them through several key considerations. It’s what helps to ensure that all SDB developments have their distinctive hallmark.
More than just rain water harvesting; SDB believes that the best way to be environmentally sustainable is by using nature to everyone’s benefit.

SDB homes are designed to be energy efficient. Each building is oriented to maximise natural lighting into the units, without the glare of direct sunlight. SDB also designs their homes with large windows and balconies as well as wide spaces to optimise natural ventilation in every unit, leading to lesser usage of both artificial cooling and lighting.
Each and every SDB development aims to have larger-than-conventional green spaces and aesthetically pleasing surroundings so you can look out of your home into lush greenery and well-landscaped environments.
With the customer in mind, SDB looks at putting money back into their pockets very seriously.

Buying a home is probably the biggest single investment a person will make. While eventual values will depend on market conditions, SDB tries its best to develop homes that will provide returns on investment.
SDB developments are built not only with niche concepts but are also in strategic locations close to amenities. In terms of design, each home is thoughtfully created to maximise space and practical liveability.
Creating more than just roofs over people’s heads SDB, believes that happiness can be engineered.

They design each development to ensure every single part of it contributes to a holistic home owning experience. Pioneering the concept of spatial planning, SDB is conscious of creating individual spaces for each member of the family as well as spaces to encourage social, cultural and physical interaction.
They take pride in ensuring there are no ‘wasted spaces’ inside and outside the home, and in putting it all together towards ensuring a continuous joyful living experience.
SDB has kept close to its heart that every engagement is more than just a one-time-only relationship; they believe sharing a vision and mission is what ensures a strategic partnership and excellent results.

At the core of every business is the heart, and SDB strives to provide the most accurate information towards helping make an informed choice when coming on board with them. This encompasses in-depth research and knowledge on our products; excellent customer care services and after-sale support.
Each development at SDB tells a story brilliantly. Leading, inspiring and setting the benchmark, through the 4Es.
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