Thinking of giving your place a makeover, or even better, taking possession of your new home? Have a quick look through this quick guide to ensure that you’re familiar with some popular styles, from the simplistic, to the exotic and make your home shine!

Art Decor
This is ideal for those who have a penchant for the artistic and taste for the streamlined, geometric style of home furnishings popular in the '20s and '30s.
Art decor features rounded fronts, mirrored accents, sleek lines and wood furniture with chrome hardware and glass tops.
Why get bogged down by the restriction of borders? Consider an Asian style that draws together elements found all over Asia including Japan, China, Vietnam and Thailand. Go for a look that blends elements of natural fibre, bamboo and colours taken from nature. The end result will offer you a serene and calm haven. Try lacquered or hand painted furnishings with ornamental designs or statues of animals or mythical creatures.
Inspired by the calming breeze over the oceanic coast, this style will instil a light and relaxing feel. Make use of airy fabrics for window shading with an emphasis on nautical elements such as boats or seashells.
Contemporary design often has clean, sleek lines and is marked by solid colours, predominantly muted neutrals or bold punches of colour in furniture and accessories. Furniture is sleek, lower to the ground and often has metal frames or straight legs with an emphasis on basic shapes and forms. Graphic elements in artwork or as accents work well with this look.
For the born romantic, this fanciful and ornate style offers rich bursts of sun-drenched Mediterranean hues blending into softer, muted shades. One colour of fabric is often repeated throughout the space.
Use rich details and hints of striking gold, bronze and gilt. The finishing touch: Antique or heirloom furniture and abundant fresh flowers.
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