Kid-Friendly Pets In Your Home

Looking for the perfect companion at home? Animals make the perfect companions! Owning a pet for a child, can be a rewarding experience as it teaches them love and care and most importantly responsibility. Many people shy away from having pets in their home, as cleaning the litter or taking them for walks may seem daunting. However, here are four easy kid-friendly pet suggestions that you can have in your own home, fuss-free!

Fishes are generally hassle-free pets; however, a goldfish may cost money, time and lots of equipment. Instead opt for aquarium guppies; they come in beautiful coloured hues and can be kept easily for long. Instead of an aquarium, you can opt for a glass bowl decorated with coloured marbles and money plants. Besides breeding the fish, this can also pass on as a classy interior décor piece to enhance the home.
Birds are highly intelligent, and this may be an advantage especially if you have kids. Opt for an affordable parakeet, which can do many antics and talk. Other options are Asian myna’s, cockatoos, cockatiels and many more. Birds are also relatively easy to keep as they eat a variety of seeds, nuts and fruits which are readily available.
Not as fragile as rabbits and more easily handled are guinea pigs. They are generally small, and do not require much space and they are also hardy, which are great for the little ones who like exploring. They generally live a long life, and only requires you to clean its litter and vegetables, water and pellets given on a daily basis.
Tortoise make interesting pets and are completely vegan, making it easier to feed them. They are usually pleasant-tempered and have a long life-span. Besides that, ensure that there is water for the tortoise to soak in. The kids can also create a little rock garden home for the tortoise too!
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