ID Tips To Transform Your Home

As the festivities draw closer and we usher in a new year, many of us look into transforming our home either by buying new things or renovating it. Here are some tips, that will keep you within a budget, yet transform your home into a beautiful abode.

Softly lit and scented candles evoke a calmful, serene and even a romantic experience. Buy candles in a certain scent e.g. lavender or vanilla so the aroma can permeate through the house. Also, buy them in different heights and cover them so it is safe for children in case they trip onto them.
Flowers or plants for example, can transform a home into an inviting abode. Choose a mixture of flowers e.g. big yellow chrysanthemums and white posies with a scatter of big green leaves go really well. You don’t have to stick to a certain combination throughout, rather mix and match. The living room can have a more vibrant mix while the bedroom can have a mixture of flowers with a strong scent. If you love greens, opt for succulents instead as they keep long without the need for you to change water and look really pretty especially on a dining table.
You can spruce up your living room and sofa with a scatter of decorative cushions. They come in all sorts of shapes and colours nowadays – go for an animal theme if you like e.g. zebra, leopard pints or a picture of a cockatoo on the cushion. Otherwise, choose plain ones and colour block – orange and black go really well or choose pastel shades like baby blue and ombre grey.
Many people overlook this, but when you have a combination of beautiful pieces of cutlery and serving plates in different colours, shapes and material it creates a luxe yet posh finish. Look for second-hand antique china or silver flatware. Place beautiful napkins with customized napkin holder for a personalised finish. Also, decorate plates with pandan or banana leaves for an authentic Malaysian touch before serving food.
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