A mixture of superstition and celebration, Halloween is celebrated on the 31st of October yearly. A favourite time among kids as they dress up to a haunting and scary character, ushering Halloween in your home is equally fun with these exciting tricks and treats!

1. Besides carving, decorating the pumpkin with bright whimsical colours is the next big thing. Paint the pumpkin with a base coat colour, then use fancy stencils to make it stand out. Other options include colour blocking – by using two bright colours together or use nail lacquer to write phrases on it.
2. Spiced Orange Pumpkin Bowl – Scoop out flesh from a pumpkin but leave a little behind. Add ginger beer, ice cubes and orange zest. For serving glasses, rim the top of the glass with a mixture of cinnamon powder, sugar and all spice powder.
3. Create a delicious trifle in a jiffy! In a trifle bowl, layer mashed and steamed pumpkin, whipped cream and top it off with shaved dark chocolate for the ultimate decadent Halloween dessert!
4. Hide little treats in orange balloons decorated with green leaves at the yard. The kids would love popping them to get their treat. Otherwise, create a spider web walk in the hall. They should only walk along the web and avoid trailing off. As they walk along the web, put clues or treats along the way.
5. Too much candies at home? Make a candy corn wreath - Get a circular mold with a hole in the middle, get a glue gun and stick the candies as close as possible. The kids could eat it later on!
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