Give Back This Xmas

Christmas is coming, and so the festive season begins with school and year-end holiday plans. As many of us revel in the atmosphere of shopping, eating and merry-making, we also tend to spend, and waste a whole lot more. Here are some helpful hints on minimizing wastage, including creative and fun ideas that you can do with the little ones.

Instead of buying glossy wrapping papers for your Christmas gifts, opt for some fabrics instead. Flannel, organic cotton and linen are all recyclable and eco-friendly. Your friends could reuse them for other gifts or keep it for use in their own home. These fabrics, come in all sorts of shapes and colours and gives a conventional twist to wrapping papers. Other options include wrapping using recyclable items like newspapers, magazines and flyers.
Do something different this year and opt out of having the usual Christmas tree with trimmings, ribbons and bells. Instead, create your own tree – you can do one with stacked newspapers, books, pillows, wooden branches and decorate with LED lights. Otherwise, opt for a real Christmas tree which is bio-degradable and it can be recycled and reused for mulch and other purposes. Skip the fancy trimmings, and opt for cotton balls instead for a snowy effect.
Christmas is never complete without turkey and its condiments. There are many ways of using leftover turkey, and this is easily done through making a salad. Add leftover turkey meat, eggs and salad leaves to make a light entrée, then create a casserole with turkey stuffing and end the meal with a stew made out from leftover turkey, pumpkin and assorted roasted vegetables.
Instead of opting for lavish gifts and items, give back to the needy this Christmas. Buy presents or gifts that donate a charitable amount to those in need. Otherwise, spend time with your children in an orphanage or an old folks home as they learn to appreciate the less fortunate. You could also bake cookies and cakes as a thoughtful gift! 
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