Beautifying your home with indoor plants

Just moved in to your new home and need to make it homier? Or just in the mood to spruce up your current home?
Here’s an idea. Bring in some plants!

Plants look great and are able to give the home a softer feel. Having a little bit of nature in the home also gives an instant calming effect, which means stress levels drop!

While those with green thumbs will be able to cultivate any kind of plant, those of us who are not so lucky should take in plants that are hardier. Here is are some plants which are great to have in the home and are easy to maintain.

1. Boston fern
The Boston Fern is a lovely plant to have in the home, with its long leaves elegantly flowing over the pot. These fine leaved ferns do best in a humid condition so make sure the soil is always damp but be careful not to over water. It also like indirect sunlight, so placing it near a window would be ideal. This plant also looks lovely in a hanging basket.
2. Pothos
These vine-like plants are very hardy. It does not need too much light, but the more it gets, the greener and more lush it will be. Some people ‘plant’ the Pothos is water and it grows well in these condition too. As this plant is vine-like, it can also be put in a hanging basket where its vines will flow down or if put on a table, its vines can creep onto the table.
3. Succulents
For those of us with memory problems (read: always forgetting to water plants) succulents is the answer to your problems!

This plant can be a stand-alone or planted together with various types of succulents in a terranium, which is very trendy these days. All they require is some sunlight and an occasional sprinkle of water. Perfect!
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