5 Great Housewarming Party Tips
Already moved into and have your new home done up exactly the way you like it? How about inviting your friends and new neighbours over to a party to share the joy? But before you go wild with those invitations, take a few moments to plan out how things will go. Make it special, after all, your new home is definitely worth it!

The best housewarming parties encourage old friends to visit your new digs and allow you to foster ties with new neighbours. Here are a few tips that can help you get going:
1. Include Directions
Thanks to modern technology, finding a location is no longer as daunting as before. Thanks to GPS following directions is as easy as A,B,C. In fact, just head on over to Google Maps and you’ll be able to share your exact location with whomever you need to guide. Some apps such as Whatsapp also allow location sharing.
Should you live in a gated/guarded community such as a condo or private housing estate, do alert the guards that you will be expecting guests. They will also be able to direct your guests to the appropriate parking areas.
2. Share Loads of Finger Foods
Since you’ve gotten everyone together, encourage them to mingle and get to know one another. A sit-down meal won’t do that so easily, but sharing finger foods will! Remember to label the foods clearly so that those with dietary restrictions won’t get caught unawares.
3. Prepare an Awesome Music Playlist
Spare a few minutes and let your fingers do the walking. Search for some great sounds to start your party off right. If your friends enjoy dancing, consider moving furniture around enough to make some space for a small dance floor. Play the music and let your guests get in the groove!
4. Skip the Grand Tour
Don’t organise groups and drag them through the whole place. Instead, give quick, individual house tours as and when. This ensures that you and your guests will have the chance for a little one on one chat and will feel less rigid. Remember, it’s always that little personal touch.
5. Clean and Scrub!
This will be the grand debut of your new place. Your pride and joy, the apple of your eye (you get the idea). Unlike most other times, this is the one time that people will be touring through almost every area. 
Be sure that each room is spotless, there are no day-old socks lying around and the areas are clean and spotless!
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