Luxe Bathrooms

Bathrooms are perhaps one the places in our home that we spent quite some time in – either to have a relaxing shower or soak, or to brush and floss our teeth as we end the night. They are numerous ways to make a bathroom look more luxe, or expensive. A rain shower, a bath tub, marble tiles or gold-trimmed mirrors are just some of them. Here are ways to add a touch of class in your bathroom – without breaking the bank balance.

If you notice, every luxurious bathroom would have a seating area. It could be plush regal chair, a fancy ottoman or an embroidered armchair. You can use the chair to put a facial mask on or do your pedicure. Look for furniture bargains where you can purchase a designer piece for half the price.
Choose beautiful glass jars to place your liquid soap, cotton pads and cotton buds. Also, place your hand soap in a beautiful soap dish and hang hand towels on the towel ring. Little things like this not only gives the space a more organized feel, but looks pleasant on the eyes.
Pick from a wool rug, a fancy Persian mat or leopard-fur for a regal finish. They are not only nice to be stepped on, but they could change the ambience of the bathroom
Add beautiful photos of scenery or abstract art in the bathroom. They could also be inspirational quotes, to liven up the entire space.
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