Flower Power

Flowers bring about colour, texture, aroma and creates a pleasing ambience. Many of us sometimes overlook the presence of flowers – and how it can instantly beautify a place. Certain flowers go well with certain occasions – however flowers are versatile enough and can be mixed and matched. Here are some examples of flowers trending now – and how it fits an occasion and the right flower arrangement can do wonders.

Hydrangeas come in beautiful shades of pastel – and make elegant centerpieces. Bunch them up together, and mix two colours like lilac and white. Use a clear glass jar and decorate the glass jar with green leaves and voila – a stunning head-turner!
Used most commonly for bridal bouquets, they also permeate a sweet aroma. Peonies usually come with soft, fluffy petals and range in pale pastels colours – making it a preferred choice for most brides. 
Perhaps you prefer a flower that requires low maintenance and is hardy – daisies fit the bill. Fill them up in small jars and they make cute centerpieces or bunch gerberas up together as a get well soon gift.
Succulents do not require much water or sun; hence they also make nice favours or door gifts. They also have amazing texture, and are durable. Add them to flower arrangements for a rustic touch.
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