Cost Effective Homes

Building sustainable homes are slowly making waves these days. In the long run, building sustainable homes has low impact on the environment and it saves you money. Here are a few things that SDB incorporates in our developments.

Location is the most important step in building a sustainable home. At SDB, we strive to ensure that homes are build near public transportation or are in locations that are close to transport links or highways.
There are many ways to conserve energy, including to have large windows in the homes, to allow more daylight penetration. Also, LED lights are becoming more common these days – they might cost a little more in the beginning, however the savings on electricity and the need to change the bulbs are not often – are tremendous. SDB Green Solutions provides total energy saving and green solutions for our developments, our commercial buildings and our home owners.

At SDB, we enhance the surrounding greenery in every development as much as we can. This in turn, provides us with better air quality, reduced energy consumption and reduced temperatures. Hence, not only do you get to enjoy the green outdoors and the calming effects of plants and trees, it has numerous beneficial properties too!

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