Colours of 2017

There are lucky colours of 2017, and there are also colours that are trending and making waves in the design industry. Colours bring about an array of emotions and could also transform spaces and evoke warmth. Pick your favourite colour and pair it with a new trending colour – and have fun while at it!

Pantone is a company recognized for being the world-wide authority on colour and has been coming up with “Colour of the Year” since 2000. For 2017, the Pantone colour is Greenery, which is a refreshing and revitalizing shade, and is a symbol of new beginnings. A combination of fresh and zesty yellow-green shade, it brings about the first day of spring, and nature’s greens. All the more you get more green – and buy more plants!
Yarrow is a type of plant, and the pink yarrow variety bears pink flowers. A mixture of fuchsia and baby pink, pink yarrow make a striking and bold statement. This colour can be used to attract attention or draw contrast on a piece of furniture.
Think of the blue azure sea, and soft white sand. Island paradise is a light shade of turquoise commonly seen amongst beach goers or swimsuits. It pairs perfectly with white, and also makes a nice colour for a wall shade.
Innocence and purity, you can never go wrong with an all white. Timeless and classic, the key is to create an ambience of stillness and calm, by layering a stack of whites or different shades of white together.
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