A "New" Home

Most of us get very excited when we purchase and move into our first home, decorating and adding fixtures to make it visually and aesthetically pleasing. However, as years go by, with external factors and wear and tear, it starts looking less “brand new”. Remodeling your home, is now the IT thing. It adds a fresh look and as adds the value of your home – should you want to sell it.

Perhaps the most used fixture as you enter and exit, the front door can show wear and tear easily, and sometimes the first thing that catches the eye as they enter your house. Remodeling is affordable – just change the paint or the whole door. You can finish it off by changing the door handle – try a gold antique knob for a touch of class.
For most households, a lot of time is spent in the kitchen. Replacing little things like the floor tiles, countertops, sinks or adding new shelfs and even reorganizing what you have on display could bring a dose of freshness.
There has been a recent increase for the love of outdoor living spaces – and adding a deck or a patio can add value to your home. Otherwise, decorate what you already have e.g. purchase a small table and add some chairs for your outdoor balcony. Add plants and lighting to create an idyllic ambience and ideal space to enjoy a cup of coffee!
Turning a storeroom or an attic into a bedroom or a study room – yield more rental and add value to your home. So, if the store room or an extra space is never utilized, buy furniture and decorate it and it may just end up being your favourite room!
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