A Baby Nursery

Setting up your baby’s first nursery can be thrilling and exciting especially if you are a first-time parent. Most parents however, make mistakes by buying more than they should, and sometimes missing out on the essentials. Here are four must have’s as you build your first nursery.

Perhaps the most essential in a nursery would be a crib or cot. However, do stick to a budget that you are comfortable with and pick something that would last longer e.g. wooden cribs last longer due to the sturdiness of the wood. Some can even be transformed into a small bed when your child is older.
Babies love the motion of gentle swaying and moving hence a glider or a rocker is wonderful especially in the early days. Try out the rocker, and see if you are comfortable with it, as different body shapes will have different needs.
This is essential as you will need to change the baby regularly - for diapers, clothes and even after a bath. Choose a comfortable mat to be placed on top of the table so it will be comfortable for the baby.
Pick light bedding that is suited to the climate you live in – cotton preferably that comes with blankets, pillows and covers. The right material will ensure your baby has a comfortable sleep day and night.
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