ONE-TWO-JUICE - More Than Just A Healthy Juice Stall
SDB’s main CSR initiative to support people with learning disabilities, the One-Two Juice Project is a green smoothies stall that is managed by such exceptional individuals with minimal help from their parents. “Green smoothies” are basically blended fruits mixed with green leafy vegetables, which have more nutritional values than the average fruit juice, such as more enzymes, antioxidents, phytochemicals, vitamins, and minerals. The juice stall will also serve a smoothie that best suits your blood type – another way by SDB to promote a healthier lifestyle.
This CSR initiative is launched with the cooperation of Dignity & Services (D&S), an advocacy group that helps to prepare people with learning disabilities to lead normal independent. Although the project is funded by SDB, the proceeds from the juice stall business will go to D&S, and the self-sustainance of the project.
Scope of The Project & Focus Areas
To achieve its CSR objectives, SDB has opted for a CSR project that has not been ventured into by other organisations. Hence, the ONE-TWO-JUICE Stall was set up to be managed by special needs individuals with learning disabilities. With the assistance of Dignity & Services, careful planning and specially devised processes were created to simplify the flow of business operations for the learning disabled individuals.
Taking it as a “Six Sigma” project, SDB devised a comprehensive “Business Blueprint” that included a plan for setting up the stall, specially designed processes and flowcharts for the business operations, accounting templates, and staff performance evaluation. In addition, all anticipated safety issues and “what if” scenarios have been meticulously thought through and given a resolution, and precautions have been taken to ensure that the project and stall business can sustain not only the business expenses, but more importantly the comfort, safety and well-being of the special needs individuals.

In order to assess the improvement and enhancement of skills and capabilities of each individual, as well as their independence levels, a specially devised Assessment Module is used. The evaluation is devised as an appraisal tool to identify the strengths of each individual, as well as to enhance their work skills, social skills and proficiency in all possible areas, and in turn, develop them even further in other areas as well.

Other than that, the Juice Stall also provides a healthier form of juice called the “Green Smoothies”, which are basically a mixture of blended fruits and green vegetables, that are proven to be more nutritious & beneficial compared to the average Fruit Juice. In addition to this, the recipe for each smoothie has been carefully created based on fruits and vegetables which are best suited for different blood types, in order to enhance the nutritional value of the juices even more. This is another way to promote a healthy lifestyle to the masses.
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