The award-winning ONE-TWO-JUICE project is one of SDB’s major CSR initiatives toward social change. With the cooperation of Dignity & Services (D&S), the project supports individuals with learning disabilities by helping to prepare them for full-time employment so that they can eventually earn their own income for independent living.
The ONE-TWO-JUICE Stall is a green smoothies stall which offers a variety of natural refreshing smoothies that are a blend of fresh juicy fruits topped with green leafy vegetables, each suitable for a specific blood group. More noteworthy is the fact that this stall is partly managed by such individuals with learning disabilities who, we believe, are capable of any task if only they are given the opportunity to prove themselves.
We hope that working at the juice stall will provide them the opportunity to acquire skills that will prepare them for a life on their own. With these skills in hand, it is our hope that these individuals will one day be able to lead independent lives and fend for themselves. Once they have obtained the ability to manage on their own, they will gain better self-confidence and self-importance.

Such individuals have few opportunities, if at all, to make it on their own when they reach adulthood. Few companies are prepared to employ them and most of them lack the skills to start out on their own. Hence, SDB believes that we can make a difference through CSR projects like ONE-TWO-JUICE,which has not been ventured into by other organisations.
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