“The main objective of this project is to empower individuals with learning disabilities, and to equip them with skills to be confident and independent adults, not just to provide temporary assistance. The buck does not stop at providing physical training, but also emotional support and coaching. Once they’re developed, we encourage them to move on and take up bigger challenges.”

 - Teh Lip Kim, SDB’s Group Managing Director -
go one step further
Following the success of the ONE-TWO-JUICE project, which is one of SDB’s CSR initiative for people with learning disabilities to gain economic empowerment towards living independently, we have decided to go one step further in evolving this Juice Stall project into another more mobile version.
Unlike the stationary ONE-TWO-JUICE Stall at Wisma Selangor Dredging, the “ONE-TWO-JUICE On The Move” is SDB’s Mobile Juice Van that is more efficient and convenient to cater for a wider range of customers at different locations.
The idea of the ONE-TWO-JUICE Mobile Juice Van had come from our Group Managing Director, Ms. Teh Lip Kim, as she believes that this is the way to reach out to more customers, as well as create more awareness for the cause.

The ONE-TWO-JUICE Mobile Juice Van is fully equipped with built-in table tops and storage space, built-in water basin & ice compartment, equipment for the juicing station, as well as a cash register. It is also environmentally-friendly and sustainable, as all the equipment is powered with a Solar Generator, instead of the usual fuel generator which causes air and noise pollution.

The ONE-TWO-JUICE Mobile Juice Van is set up and equipped similarly to the stationary Juice Stall, in order for the staff to still be familiarised with the similar settings while adapting to the new environment. Each task is customised to assist the individuals with learning disabilities to learn more proficiently in a more efficient pace. Hence, they can take less time to be trained to accomplish their tasks, and more time to focus on adapting themselves to the new environment, and a different group of customers.
For Theng Yee and Rudy, the two young staff with learning disabilities who are ready to move on from the Juice Stall at Wisma Selangor Dredging to work at the Mobile Juice Van, they have already achieved in doing all the tasks at the Juice Stall with minimal supervision, and are ready to move to the next level by working at the Mobile Juice Van.
For a start, the Mobile Juice Van had began its operations a few months ago, making deliveries to some offices around Petaling Jaya. Recently, its operations have included the University of Malaya Campus in Petaling Jaya, where it is introducing its healthy and refreshing juice to the UM students, which is a more healthy substitution of the usual juice with sugar and preservatives that the students are accustomed to.
The Mobile Juice Van is still in its trial run stage, as an ongoing training is needed for the staff to adapt to the new environment. But we are expecting for its operations to be in full swing by the end of the year. In time, when the staff is well-trained and ready to meet the challenge, we hope to expand the routes for the Mobile Juice Van to other areas in Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya.

We would like to extend a special thank you to all who have shown their support for the Juice Stall and the Mobile Juice Van; to our consultants, namely Web Structures, Khalid Aluminium Sdn Bhd, Al-Ambia Sdn Bhd, JPS Consulting Engineers Sdn Bhd, Econpile (M) Sdn Bhd, and DDS Sdn Bhd, as well as our Tenants at Wisma Selangor Dredging, and also a special thank you to UMEC of University of Malaya (University of Malaya Entrepreneurship Centre).
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