CSR Initiatives by SDB
SDB has embarked on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives that offer support and create opportunities for individuals with disabilities to acquire skills that will prepare them for a life on their own. Apart from offering them a channel for employment, the projects undertaken by SDB also enable them to learn and improve their work and social skills.

The ultimate objective is for these individuals to acquire sufficient living skills that will enable them to be economically independent and self-reliant so that they gain the dignity and self-confidence to lead more fulfilling lives.

SDB is committed to creating greater awareness and informing the public on the serious employment issues faced by people with learning disabilities, especially when they reach adulthood. Through our projects, it is the hope that there will soon be sufficient public support and encouragement to help such individuals cope with their issues, especially on their need for independence, as well as enable them to become visible and gain self-importance in society.


The ONE-TWO-JUICE initiative started out in 2011, which is staffed and run by individuals with learning disabilities. It is a juice stall located at the Ground Floor of Wisma Golden Eagle Realty (GER), Jalan Ampang. The stall is open from Monday to Friday from 9.30am to 2pm.

The main objective of this project is to empower individuals with special needs, and to equip them with skills to be confident and independent adults, not just to provide temporary assistance. “The buck does not stop at providing physical training, but also emotional support and coaching as well. Once they’re developed, we encourage them to move on and take up bigger challenges,” said Ms. Teh Lip Kim, Managing Director of Selangor Dredging Berhad.

The idea of the ONE-TWO-JUICE Project came from Teh herself, as she believes that this is the way to reach out to more beneficiaries, and create more awareness for the cause. In running the Juice Stall, the individuals with special needs were provided with constant training and assessments, which was specially devised and crafted for them by SDB’s dedicated CSR Team, to ensure that they are able to learn at a pace that is comfortable yet effective for them to be proficient in the skills set needed to run the Stall.

“They are assessed on a regular basis to determine their level of capabilities in various areas, and we have found that many of those who have participated in this programme have shown marked improvement,” adds Teh.
In addition to the monthly salaries received by these individuals for their efforts at the Juice Stall, all profits made go back to them in the form of bonuses, as well as provide further sustainability for the project.


With the success of ONE-TWO-JUICE, SDB is continuously working on establishing other similar initiatives to create more employment opportunities for individuals with special needs.

“The objective is to provide more and more employment opportunities for individuals with special needs and to learn more skills,” Teh says. SDB wanted to engineer a Car Wash Project that enhances and improves the capabilities of the special needs individuals towards independent living. For this, the project has been designed to cater specially for such individuals. This includes specially designed processes and learning tools, which will help them to follow through, learn and remember better. Our dedicated CSR Officer is entrusted as the full-time Job Coach for both projects, where the task is to train the special needs staff, until they can master the skills intuitively and work independently, without any more instructions or guidance.
They are now able to clean 8 to 10 vehicles a day, including motorcycles, sedan cars, four-wheel drive vehicles and vans. Great efforts have been taken to devise the detailed and comprehensive job processes and learning tools, as well as the business operations, accounting templates, and staff performance evaluation. Moreover, all anticipated safety issues and “what if” scenarios have been meticulously thought through and given a resolution, and precautions have been taken in order to ensure that the project can sustain, not only the business expenses, but more importantly the comfort, safety and well-being of the special need’s individuals.
The One-Two-Wash operates at the Ground Floor of Wisma Golden Eagle Realty (GER), Jalan Ampang. It is open on Wednesday and Thursdays, from 9.30am to 1.30pm.


SDB’s upcoming CSR initiative called “One-Two-Gift” is a soap-making project, to produce naturally-made soaps handcrafted by individuals with disabilities.
The SDB CSR team trains individuals with disabilities the process of making the soap. The soaps are made from shea butter and essential oils. During festive occasions, special designs are created and they make lovely gifts for family and friends.
The soaps can be purchased from 12boost.com.my For specialised custom-made soaps for events, birthdays, baby showers or full moon kindly email your enquiries to csr@sdb.com.my.


One-Two-Star is a talent show organised by SDB in collaboration with Milestone Productions. The talent show features differently-abled children to showcase their unique musical abilities and talent. Prior to talent show, a complimentary workshop was held with the coaches to further encourage these children with constructive feedback and words of encouragement.
The talent show was an effort to further build confidence levels of these children, while it serves as an initiative to educate the public about the hidden musical talents of these children.


Under this CSR initiative, SDB collaborates with TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) practitioners who are also graduates from the Nanjing University of Chinese medicine to create specially prescribed herbal drinks and nourishing soup packs to enhance one’s overall immunity, well-being and to promote a healthier living amongst the community.
Different series of herbs are available at 12boost.com.my and caters to the different body parts: liver, heart, spleen, lung and kidney. Besides that, the nourishing and immune booster series provides nourishment for the whole body. There are also different types of tea to help with your overall well-being and confinement packages. To order, visit 12boost.com.my.


Selangor Dredging Berhad (SDB), in collaboration with the Social Welfare Department (Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat), rhosted a “Job Coaching” workshop over four-days to share insights and techniques on how to coach people with disabilities enter the workforce.

The workshop, held in Hotel Maya, Kuala Lumpur, was attended by 36 participants comprising parents, educators and individuals from corporate organisations. During the workshop, representatives from McDonalds, Mydin, Intercontinental Hotel Kuala Lumpur and Job Coach Network Malaysia came forward to share their experiences, skills and knowledge after hiring person with disabilities within their respective organisations.
There were also various role play sessions, group discussions and sharing of real-life situations about the process of interviewing a person with disability and what the various phases entail.


Due to the many CSR initiatives initiated, SDB received the Asia Responsible Entrepreneurship Award under the Social Empowerment Category, making the ONE-TWO-JUICE project, one of the top CSR projects in the Asian region.

The project received the same award once again in June 2014, but this time for the Mobile Juice Van.
SDB employs person with disabilities in various departments and functions, such as Human Resources, Office Administration and Sales Administration so that they are able to communicate and integrate within the community.
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