At SDB, we believe we can make a difference. SDB has embarked on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives that offer support and create opportunities for such individuals to acquire skills that will prepare them for a life on their own.
Empowering People With Learning Disabilities Towards Independent Living
Individuals with learning disabilities, such as Autism and Down’s Syndrome, have few opportunities to make it on their own when they reach adulthood. These young adults need to get the opportunity to acquire independent living skills that will prepare them for life on their own, especially once out of their parents’ care. However, few companies are prepared to employ them, and most of them lack the skills to start on their own.
Apart from offering them a channel for employment, the projects undertaken by SDB also enable them to learn and improve their work and social skills. The ultimate objective is for these individuals to acquire sufficient living skills that will enable them to be economically independent and self-reliant so that they gain the dignity and self-confidence to lead more fulfilling lives.
SDB is committed to creating greater awareness and informing the public on the serious employment issues faced by people with learning disabilities, especially when they reach adulthood. Through our projects, it is the hope that there will soon be sufficient public support and encouragement to help such individuals cope with their issues, especially on their need for independence, as well as enable them to become visible and gain self-importance in society.
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