At SDB, we have always strived for excellence in all that we do, and we believe in accountability for our actions. This 7-point manifesto therefore represents our values, our beliefs and our standards. It serves as a reference point to help our customers understand what we stand for, the quality of life that we provide through our products, and our principles and responsibilities as a developer. As a key participant in the communities that we build and in the journey ahead of us, you play an important role in keeping us true to our path.

Some people say talk is easy, which is why the evidence we provide here is to prove that we walk our talk. That’s also why it has taken us 12 years to write this manifesto on the importance of living well and living responsibly, grounded on the idea that in order to evolve the way you live, we need to evolve the way we build.
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Investing in our
We believe that every product we create must be carefully crafted and curated to deliver, as much as possible, an extraordinary living experience; and not a generic one. To deliver this, we are determined to change our mindsets and aspire to higher standards.
Investing in our
We firmly believe that no man is an island; that we are always stronger, together. As such, we pledge to develop modern-age communities.
  1. By modern-age community, we mean where every feature and every facility we put in is designed to enhance livability; to enable our residents to easily and conveniently engage with each other and thrive from such engagements.
  2. As a modern-age community, we pledge to give back through innovative CSR projects that support equality, diversity and the environment.
Investing in our
At SDB, we believe that it is only when we measure ourselves that we are able to improve. To ensure every single one of our developments is always built to the highest possible standards that commensurate with its value, this means we must continue to :
  1. Commit to quality.
  2. Commit to working with best-of-class experts.
  3. Commit to learning.
We understand and appreciate the hopes and dreams that our customers, both emotionally and financially, invest in an SDB home. Therefore, our customers’ satisfaction is of paramount importance to our business and will be key to our continued existence. For us to deliver real customer satisfaction, it is vital that we demonstrate our integrity in not just delivering products of the highest possible quality regardless of the value, but also in standing by them for the long term. As such, we pledge to remain committed to our customers long after their purchase of an SDB home.
  1. Proactive Customer Service.
  2. Measurable Customer Satisfaction.
At SDB, we want our people to feel excited and engaged about working with us. We are committed to investing in their success, for their benefit and for that of our business. Our aim is to create a fair and impartial workforce who feel inspired to deliver brilliant results, and who are strongly aligned to the aims of the business and our purpose. To this end, we pledge to practice:
  1. A performance-driven culture.
  2. An equal opportunity policy.
  3. A constant learning environment.
  4. Active employee wellbeing.

We believe environmental sensitivity isn’t just a millennial trend. It’s a duty. As a developer, we are fully aware of the consequences of our actions, particularly our impact on the environment. As such, we pledge not just to comply with minimum standards in environmental sustainability, but to exceed them as much as possible. These standards cover our developments’ design efficiency, energy efficiency, ecological footprint, as well as our increased use of renewable resources .
With a 53-year history in Malaysia, 12 years in property development, and as homeowners and as parents ourselves, we believe in the critical importance of feeling secure in our own environment. To ensure that your peace-of-mind is not misplaced, we pledge to:
  1. Practice a holistic, pragmatic approach to security.
  2. Incorporate earthquake-resistant specification.
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